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Hi everyone,

I recently got 100k views on my EXO Growl reaction x along with 3k subscribers. Although it’s not much of an accomplishment, it still means a lot to me. So as a thank you gift, I’ll be giving away 1 copy of EXO’s Overdose album (If you win you’ll get to choose the version) and 1 poster (no album, you’ll get to choose the version) separately to two lucky individuals. 


  1. Giveaway ends: 5/1/14
  2. Must be following me/interacting afterwards(Don’t follow then unfollow because it’s rude and yes, I WILL CHECK)
  3. I’ll be using a random picker method.
  4. NO giveaway blogs.
  5. I ship internationally with tracking #s
  6. No age restriction, but please get your parent’s permission to give me your postal address so I can ship it to you.
  7. Reblogs/Likes count as one entry each

Any questions just shoot me a message in my ask box/check out my FAQ post (x)! Good luck!

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