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lol i’m fucking done with sm’s bullshit

1.  RELEASE A STATEMENT ON JESSICA - I honestly really hope it was a hacker, but not seeing her with the other members is freaking me out. 

2.  Sehun changed his IG status to “L” then “EXO Saranghaja.”  And unfollowed all his hyungs.  Something is definitely up.

3.  Pictures of what looks like Luhan holding photos of Kris are circulating.  Jesus fucking christ what is going on??


they’re trying to escape


It was my pride as a fan to say that SNSD had never lost a member in all these years and that they continued strong that way. I swear to God I never thought I would see such a thing happen to SNSD. I’m so in shock I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now or if I’m even feeling anything at all. 

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